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This composition was written with the financial support of Mexico's National Fund for Culture and the Arts through its Young Creators Program 2014-2015

Nudo - sound mobile

Acousmatic installation of undefined duration.

Starting point for Nudo is the recording of Feldlinien for steel-string guitar, which was cut in small pieces. These were then rearranged and superimposed repeatedly until losing their original linear quality to become a texture or a sort of melodic web. Around 150 new fragments were produced this way and are combined, rearranged and played in real-time from SuperCollider's platform, following a set of rules defined in the piece's code. Besides these elements, the mobile includes sounds of sine-waves, an ensemble of wind-instruments (bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, trumpet, horn and tuba), incidental noises and a recording that my sister made half asleep to register what she had just dreamt.

While Nudo's structure is defined by rules and proportions, its form and duration are free: each "interpretation" of the piece by the computer is different and its duration is undefined (it could, for example, last ten minutes or a whole afternoon). The installation should be played uninterruptedly in a space in which the audience is able to move freely, defining the duration of their listening according to the time they decide to stay there.